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Symbiant R & D

It is Symbiant Research & Development department’s mission to create innovation aimed at benefiting process optimization, quality, patient safety and expertise. Currently R & D is primarily focused on two areas: Digital Pathology and Molecular Pathology.

Digital Pathology

The Digital Pathology department focuses on designing and using digital pathology for online consultation and online second opinion. This digital infrastructure makes it possible to significantly improve patient safety.

As per November 1st  2011, a PhD candidate was appointed (in collaboration with the Pathology Department of UMC Utrecht) to identify and outline ways in which patient safety can be improved and how digital pathology can contribute to this process, for the principal diagnosis groups.

Besides using digital images, it is of paramount importance that patient data are made available from a central UDPS environment.

Molecular Pathology

The Molecular Pathology department focuses on the implementation of molecular techniques for the detection of Her2Neu amplification, k-Ras and EGFR mutations. Currently HRM analysis, MLPA and sequencing techniques are operational.

In collaboration with the Pathology Department at UMC Utrecht a new, more reliable Her2Neu screening technique for breast cancer was developed in which MLPA is key. This technique is at least as reliable as the CISH / FISH while being less labor intensive.

Research and development team

Our Research and Development team (consisting of two pathologists, a molecular biologist, senior molecular pathology technician and a researcher) is currently working on improving the detection of (low grade) bladder cancer in urine.